About LGBT History Month and Schools OUT UK

Founded by Schools OUT UK, the overall aim of LGBT History Month is to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public. We produce OUTburst: Schools OUT UK's Official Guide to LGBT History Month to share successes, celebrate our legacy and reach communities.

OUTburst: Schools OUT UK’s Official Guide to LGBT History Month is the only endorsed and fully authorised publication dedicated to the aims of LGBT History Month UK and raising vital funds for Schools OUT UK’s work to educate out prejudice. The publication is owned, edited and produced by Schools OUT UK and all monies received from the magazine support our charitable work.

Though many other publications claim the ‘LGBT History Month’ tag for themselves, they cannot claim to be authorised by Schools OUT UK or LGBT History Month.

The aims of Schools OUT UK in producing LGBT History Month UK are:

•Increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) people, their history, lives and their experiences in the curriculum and culture of educational and other institutions, and the wider community;
•Raising awareness and advancing education on matters affecting the LGBT community;
•Working to make educational and other institutions safe spaces for all LGBT communities; and
•Promoting the welfare of LGBT people, by ensuring that the education system recognises and enables LGBT people to achieve their full potential, so they contribute fully to society and lead fulfilled lives, thus benefiting society as a whole.

How you can help

In 2014 Schools OUT UK celebrated 40 years of campaigning for LGBT inclusion. Your donations support our aims to provide LGBT resources, training and services to schools and educational institutions.

Alternatively, you can advertise your jobs, events, products or business through our magazine.

Easy Fundraising

There is now a way that you can raise much needed funds for Schools OUT UK. Simply visit easyfundraising.org.uk and sign yourself in., this takes a few seconds and, when done, will allow you to contribute towards Schools OUT UK when you are shopping or just searching online. It won’t cost you a penny and money raised will go straight to Schools OUT UK by regular bank transfer

Make a donation

If you are able to help, please donate. Any amount makes a difference:

Schools OUT United Kingdom is registered in England as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no. 1156352). Address: BM Schools Out, London WC1N 3XX


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