Imperial College London

Imperial College is fully committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We value the individual contributions of all our staff and students.

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Imperial College London is a community of over 22,000 people who work together to create one of the leading environments for education and research in the world.

Imperial values respect, and this creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for work and study.

The College aims to build a supportive and highly motivated staff community across all functions and activities, in a respectful, welcoming and inclusive environment. We place great importance on protecting and respecting the dignity of all our staff and students. This means there is absolutely no place for discriminatory behaviour or for bullying and harassment, including, homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying. We are proud to be Stonewall Champions, supporting best practice in the sector. We are delighted to celebrate Anti-Bullying week 2015, by showcasing the support we have available and highlighting plans for the future.

Imperial’s pledge to its staff and students is that we shall take the necessary action to eliminate all forms of discrimination, especially direct and indirect forms of harassment, bullying and victimisation. Including homophobic, transphobic and/or biphobic bullying. We do this by:

  • taking all complaints of harassment, bullying and victimisation seriously
  • providing comprehensive harassment training programmes to management and staff
  • providing confidential support services such as Confidential Care, Occupational Health Services, and our Harassment Support Contacts
  • monitoring our progress towards the achievement of our pledge and publishing the results

Support available

The College offers a full programme of training and development relating to equality and diversity. All staff are encouraged to take the newly developed online equality and diversity online course.

This provides staff with a basic overview and understanding of what the College has in place for every protected characteristic.

Face-to-face training includes harassment and bullying, mental health, religion and belief, LGB and transgender awareness and disability equality. Several courses are designed specifically for managers.

Imperial is home to a range of staff networks. There are Able@ Imperial, who focus on issues relating to equality and diversity, representing disabled staff and staff who support disabled dependents. Imperial as One, the College’s race equality network and Imperial 600 LGBT staff. Staff members can speak to the network committee members and be signposted to support.

Alongside these staff networks, several committees exist to promote a working environment which allows all members of the Imperial community to thrive, including the Disability Action Committee, the Equality and Diversity Committee, and the Academic Gender Strategy Committee.

Confidential support is available for staff affected by bullying or harassment in the workplace through Imperial’s Harassment Support Contacts (HSCs). The network of HSCs are trained volunteers who can help members of staff by acting as a listening board and exploring the options available to them through formal and informal College procedures. HSCs keep all discussions confidential. We will be hosting an event for anti-bullying week to ensure all our HSCs have the opportunity to continue their learning and development.