Call for Popular History Presentations


Call for Popular History Presentations for the 3rd National Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans History February 2017.

Schools OUT UK is delighted to announce the Call for History & Archival Presentations for the 3rd National Festival of LGBT History to be celebrated at Regional Hubs throughout the country every weekend during LGBT History Month (February) 2017.

This year we are delighted to invite individuals and groups to showcase either:

1. A historical reading of the past, or

2. An archival source and personal oral testimonies, sets of photos, or significant documents and the stories behind them

Your historical presentation/reading/interpretation might be a presentation/explanation of a past – local, regional or national:

o event or related events of direct relevance to the Human/LGBT Rights agenda & experience

o history of a group or a specific campaign

o an account of a personal journey that includes a number of view-points

The theme for LGBT History Month 2017 is Law, Citizenship and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) This is to enable us to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality in England and Wales and explore the human rights of the diversity of the LGBT community.

Each festival presentation will be no more than twenty minutes long, followed by a ten-minute Q&A session.

For example, the presentations showcased in this category at the last Nat’l Festival of LGBT History included: Rainer Schulze, “The History of the Pink Triangle and its Importance for today’s LGBTIQ Movement”; Cheryl Morgan, “Michael Dillon: Trans Pioneer”; Jenny-Anne Bishop, “10 Years of Sparkling in Manchester”; Adebisi Ademola Alimi, “The impact of Religion on Sexuality and Gender in Black British Community”; Vicky Boroughs, “Out and Proud in Trade Unions”; Jane Traies, “No Secret Any More: Lesbian Life Stories”.

Your archival source presentation might be:

o A testimony about a personal or collective experience

o A set of campaigning leaflets/publicity and the story behind them

o Personal or other photo-images and the stories behind them

o A letter or document that again provides a reading of that past commonly ignored or denied.

For example, the presentations showcased in this category at the last Nat’l Festival of LGBT History included: Fox Fisher,“My Genderation: Archiving our history”; Ross Burgess, “40 years of making and recording history”.

What both types of presentations have in common is that they help educate the general public about the neglected understanding of past attitudes towards sex and gender (i.e. Festival Aim One).

Closing Date for Call of Presentations: 15th August 2016 For more information contact Andrew @


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