Share your thoughts on gender-neutral baby names

With increasing awareness of diverse gender identities and gender inequality, parents are becoming more conscious of the impact gender-specific names have on their children. What are your thoughts on giving children gender-neutral names?

dinhnguyenungdung0 / Pixabay
dinhnguyenungdung0 / Pixabay

LGBT Parents, ‘A network for lovely LGBT parents and those thinking about becoming parents’, are working on a story about the increasing popularity of gender-neutral baby names, which has been borne out by statistics over the last few years.

There are, of course, a lot of reasons that parents are choosing to go this route, such as parents wanting to steer clear of eventual sexism in the workplace for their daughters. But, they are wondering if the recent push for transgender rights, along with the huge amount of publicity for Caitlyn Jenner, has inspired some parents to opt for gender neutral names because of the new sense of gender fluidity—in essence, to let their children decide who they are, and not brand them with any particular gender identity.

They are trying to find new parents of children with gender neutral names to discuss this. If this is relevant to you, or others you know, you can help in the conversation and have your say.

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