‘An Amazing Community’: An Interview with Jaymi Hensley

Union J member Jaymi Hensley is 25, hails from Luton and has a whopping 17 tattoos. The multitalented young star has trained in both ballet and gymnastics, but turned to a career as a singer after a broken wrist.


shutterstock_134457605One of the original members of Triple J, he went on with his bandmates to come fourth in The X Factor 2012. Jaymi is openly gay and is engaged to Olly Marmon. Perhaps to match the number of tattoos he has, he at one point joked they’d have 17 bridesmaids at their ceremony. Here this bright young thing speaks to Adam Lowe about school, idols and the important of marking our legacy.

During LGBT History Month, what will you be doing to mark the legacy of LGBT people at home and abroad?

Over LGBT History Month I think it’s really important to share the stories of people who have fought for LGBT rights and equality from years back to now.

Sharing stories and speaking out publicly only helps as we move forward!

What effect do you think focusing on the lives and histories of LGBT people has on kids in school?

I think it’s hugely important that we do this! The more things are openly discussed and spoken about the more people come to understand the lives of LGBT people and the issues they face. Meaning that the more material and education kids in school are given the further we will move forward with LGBT rights and equality .

I was extremely lucky and had a great experience at school with coming out and acceptance. I believe it is so important to have support for kids in schools.

Who are your heroes and why?

My heroes are people like Harvey Milk and people who weren’t afraid to fight for the LGBT community at a time where it wasn’t as accepted as it is today and changed the way things were for LGBT people.

If you could give young LGBT people one message, what would it be?

Be strong and courageous, and love that you are a part of an amazing community.



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