Jack Monroe

Non-binary writer and cook Jack Monroe speaks to The Guardian about cooking in times of austerity, buying a stab vest for Glastonbury and the media.

‘It was only three years ago that Jack Monroe burst into the public consciousness. She was 24, a single mother living in Southend-on-Sea and had started a blog about her struggle to feed her young son on a food budget of £10 a week. She shared recipes, wrote about her life and financial struggles. Childcare issues and an inflexible shift pattern had forced her to give up her job with Essex fire service and she was living on benefits in a shared flat; the blog detailed all of this, alongside her own polemical brand of leftwing politics.

‘…Monroe is blazing a trail. She’s one of the first people, well known in another field, to come out as transgender. The first British woman to transition in public. The first public figure I’m aware of who’s come out as “non-binary”. Reading back through her blog, it’s clear that there’s been a tension between the face she’s been presenting to the world and what’s been going on in private. And yet there’s an uneasy line between the two because Monroe’s is a life laid bare. Her work has depended upon her social media presence, which has depended upon her laying herself open to the world, with all that this entails.’

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