DIVA’s Power List: nominate your favourite now!

Who are the most influential lesbian, bi and queer women in the UK?


A new day is dawning for lesbian, bi and queer women working in entertainment, politics, culture and business. Those who are LGBT are finding new forms of opportunity and success every day, as the UK moves towards a more inclusive climate for gender and sexual minorities.

The DIVA Power List brings together the most influential lesbian, bi and queer voices in the UK. It is not confined or defined by economic status, education, or skin colour, but by the actions taken to influence and enact positive change across our community.

Nominations can be made in the following categories, they will then be included into the final list:

Voluntary Sector

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Lou Englefield massive work in sports
Jackie Kay poet and activist Mackay
Phyliss Ooku-gyimah founder of black pride
Lisa Power long time activist
Linda Bellos long time activist
Jan Bridget long time activist massive work for youth Hebdon bridge
Amelia Lee worker and activist Proud trust Manchester
Laila El Metoui activist and works with refuges queering ESOL and further education
Kirsten Hearne disabled activist
Clare Mooney activist and performer
Rose Collis performer
sue Gorbiig teacher activist worked on massive LGBT history festival in Shrewsbury

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