Queer book looking for funding

Ex-army nurse, Elaine Chambers has written a ground-breaking book, Queer Angel, about her fight against the UK Government, after she was dismissed from the army for being a lesbian.

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

This incredible autobiographical work charts her fight for equality in the forces, after she was sacked following an investigation of ‘unnatural conduct’.

Despite homosexual consensual sex becoming legal in 1967, within the army it remained illegal. Elaine and her associates were interrogated in search of evidence against her. After a five-month investigation, Elaine was ejected from her career. From that point, she founded a support group called Rank Outsiders and took part in a new battle to access the documentation of her case. Her Freedom of Information demand went on for a decade before she was given access to the documentation.

In her new book, Elaine’s early questioning by the Royal Military Police are described here in a frank but humorous manner, to highlight the scale of the injustice she experienced. In light of the anti-discrimination laws and marriage rights that today’s generation are familiar with, this is a brute shock into the cold realities of what it has been to be LGBT+ in the army.

Elaine is currently crowdfunding her book. You can make your pledge here.

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