Stop the removal of Lydia Nabukenya, a lesbian woman, back to Uganda

This is an urgent petition to halt the scheduled deportation of Lydia Nabukenya back to Uganda on Tuesday 14th March 2017 where she faces persecution and the risk of serious violence due to her sexuality.


Lydia fled to the UK in 2015. She had to leave her home country, Uganda, because her life was in danger due to her sexuality.

Lydia claims she was forced into marriage by her family, and when her husband discovered she was a lesbian, he beat her. Lydia then apparently fled to the UK after a subsequent attack by the local community upon her and her partner. Both women were housed in different areas by the UK Home Office while they applied for asylum on the grounds of sexuality.

Lydia was housed in Manchester, where she has been a member of the local Lesbian Immigration Support Group since early 2016.

In January of last year, Lydia’s asylum application was rejected. Subsequently, she apparently prepared a fresh application for asylum, which included supporting evidence that hadn’t been previously considered, and which she attempted to deliver to the Home Office on 14th February 2017.

Lydia was, supporters say, instructed to return on 23rd March to submit this new claim, but was instead detained without warning at Dallas Court Reporting Centre on 10th March when she went to sign on there.

Campaigners argue that Lydia has not been told why she has been detained and is to be deported before she is able to attend the formal meeting with the Home Office for her fresh claim submission on 23rd March. As a result, Lydia and her supporters feel she is being denied the opportunity to submit important evidence which was not considered at her previous hearing and is being held unfairly.

Sign the petition to help Lydia.

UPDATE: Lydia has apparently now been released. Thanks for all your support.

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