LGBT Festivals in Canada 2017

If issues relating to LGBT are important to you, then Canada is the place to be in 2017. There are LGBT festivals taking place throughout the year right across the country. If you want to take part in these festivals and enjoy everything they have to offer, then the major cities are the best places to visit as the events they host are nothing short of spectacular.

Toronto 2008, Photo by Neal Jennings
Toronto 2008, Photo by Neal Jennings

Fierté Montreal Pride is one of the largest LGBT festivals to take place in Canada. This seven-day celebration focuses on the contributions made by the LGBT community to the history and development of the city. The jam-packed program of events includes displays, parades, fun activities, music, and films. In 2017, Montreal is also hosting Canada Pride which spans 11 days in August, including two weekends. Two of the highlights of this event are an international LGBT conference and a two-day sporting tournament.

Quebec City
If you’re looking for something almost as exciting as playing the nationally-inspired game Red Flush online casino Canada, then you will love the festivals that take place in Quebec. The major LGBT festival that takes place in this city is the Quebec City Pride Festival. This is held annually on Labor Day and the main feature of this is a spectacular parade through the heart of the city. However, there is plenty more taking place to keep you entertained, such as performances, stalls, music, and general partying.

Calgary is another amazing city to get involved in LGBT Festivals. The Calgary Pride Parade takes place on Labor Day each year and is a flamboyant and colorful event. Its aim is to showcase the diversity of the community of Calgary. However, Calgary Pride Week actually begins in August, so many other events and celebrations take place throughout the week in addition to the parade.

WorldPride Toronto spans 10 days, so you get even more entertainment than from Red Flush casino if you are in the city during the festivities. The first of these festivals took place in 1981 and is held in June each year. In addition to the various parades held throughout the event, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. These include family-friendly games, crafts, entertainment, stalls, and picnics.

The Vancouver Pride Parade celebrations take place throughout the first week in August. The actual parade is the finale to the event and promotes diversity in this city. The parade begins at Robson Street and ends at the Sunset Beach Festival site. Prior to the parade, visitors and locals alike can participate in a busy program of events and activities that take place in a variety of venues across the city. Although the program changes each year, these usually include family days, picnics, street parties, exhibitions, fairground rides and musical performances.

No matter where you are in Canada in 2017, you are sure to find an LGBT festival taking place somewhere nearby. Getting involved in the festivities is potentially one of the highlights of your year as each one is a unique celebration that offers plenty of entertainment.

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